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Book your place at Wild Earth Womens Retreat and allow our

amazing facilitators to enhance your weekend in this beautiful holiday home set in the heart of the Shoalhaven

Lynne Flemons

Marniki Healing - Traditional Welcome, Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony

Nicki will guide us though a traditional indigenous smoke ceremony and visualisation to set our intention for the retreat. This magical journey will be held in the Sacred Womens Circle at Secrets of Terara.

Nicki is the founder of the  Marniki Healing Centre, she is an Art Therapist, Sacred Women's Circle Facilitator, Musician and Performance Coach and counsellor. Nicki's passion for her work is evident in the attention to detail and energy she brings to all her workshops.

Go with the flow – using watercolour pencils for creativity & relaxation


Watercolour pencils have a secret life. Explore this lovely medium with guidance from award winning artist, Lynne Flemons, ‘the travelling artist’.

Focus your attention for 2 hours of enjoyment while learning some new skills. We will be inspired by the lovely gardens that surround us to create a small series of watercolours using line, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry and mark making. Suitable for everyone. If ‘I can’t draw is your mantra’ this workshop will open your eyes and your mind.

Relax and create!

From the Garden - Monoprinting Workshop

This exciting hands-on workshop will astound you with the possibilities of this delightfully simple mono-printing technique.


This is a very enjoyable 2 hours and it is suitable for everyone at any level. It suits you if you are just starting out, if you would like to make some unique hand crafted works on paper that can be developed further in any way you wish. It suits you if you are looking for new techniques and approaches to art making.


Each participant will create at least 2 prints on quality printmaking paper.


Come along and be inspired.

Drumming Circle with Bek

RHYTHM2RECOVERY is a flexible, drum therapy program that uses rhythmic exercises as a therapeutic tool, to explore relationships, build resilience, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem and promote mindfulness.

Could you or someone you know benefit from improving emotional reactions, reducing anxiety and increasing overall social and emotional well-being?

Bec is a qualified Rhythm2Recovery Drum Therapy facilitator, she has worked as a mental health support worker over 6 years, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare, Diploma Community Services, Cert IV in Youth Work, trained in Simple and Complex Trauma and completed Drum Circle Facilitation training with world renowned Arthur Hull.

****Drums (Djembes) are provided, or you can bring your own

Drumming Circle with Bec Semovente

Raqs Sharqi - Egyptian Belly Dancing 

Become entranced in the music, movement and colour of an Egyptian Belly Dance, with Marita, who has been a belly dancer for the past ten years.


She has taught classes and performed with several troupes across the Southern Highlands and more recently on the Far North Coast in Byron Bay, Mullumbimby and Ballina.


Marita performs and teaches Raqs Sharqi which is the traditional form of Egyptian belly dance.

Martita Luck - Belly Dancing Class

Vocal Workshop - Find your Voice, Find your Lyrics

Sian has been a professional vocalist for 17 years and is a highly recognised and sought after performer. She has been teaching singing for 7 years, and is the proud proprietor of Stella Studioz.

Sian is recognised for her outstanding performance abilities and teaches these techniques along with the principles of Voiceology and song writing to the students of Stella Studioz. Sian is a multi instrumentalist

and has taken part in the esteemed tuition & training from the Australian International Conservatorium of Music.
She has worked in the entertainment and event management business for over 17 years, not only performing across the country as a part of Stella Girlz, but also working various manager roles at entertainment venues.

Group EMF Balance with HeatherAnn

EMF = ElectroMagnetic Field (aka The Lattice) – an energetic structure & processes that are available for all of us to manage our personal energy.

Since 2004, HeatherAnn has been offering this Group Balance throughout Australia. She has recently returned from the latest training in the US. This energy is electric and transformative. 

HeatherAnn settled in the Culburra Beach area in 2009 following a decade of a gypsy life across Australia. Before that, she spent 27 years working in the fields of natural science and computing in Canberra. In her travels, she discovered her connection to Source and purpose in life - that of a healer and teacher in human empowerment and evolution.

HeatherAnn has always been curious about all aspects of life, including death. Melding intuition and science and exploring ideas and potentials – these things grab her interest. Deeply grounded, HeatherAnn has a warm and calming presence, very relevant for today’s chaotic world.

Sensational Salads with Aimie

Aimie is a self-employed personal trainer based in Bondi. For much of her life, she was ill: suffering from IBS; constantly fighting infections and colds; seemingly unable to shake off that horrible bloated feeling; dealing with very embarrassing episodes of fainting on a regular basis or needing the toilet without being able to hold on. Clearly something was not right and around 7 years ago, she began to alter her vegetarian diet to a predominantly vegan and ultimately raw diet. The results have been amazing…

She has lost weight, shaken off the various illnesses she suffered with, feels healthier than ever and has energy to burn on a daily basis. She puts this amazing turnaround down to one main factor: the stuff she eats and drinks.

Having realised along the way that she is not alone in the daily struggle to keep happy and healthy through nutrition, she has written Nourish With Aimie to share some of her favourite recipes and motivating stories with you to inspire you on your journey to becoming happier and healthier through nourishment!

Carmel - Oceans Mirror Culburra Beach

Re-Psycho Workshops!

When you see people throwing away beautiful  old glasses because they are the last of their kind in the cupboard, or because they have a minor chip,  does it make you want to cry? When hand turned wooden bowls get turned into kindling does it make you angry? When chipped crystal bowls get binned do you get crazy? 

Don’t get psycho – join Re-Psycho!

Learn how to drill glass and ceramics and learn how to put things together with the proper adhesive. Get some inspiration from other Re-Psychoes and never look at “junk” again with the same eyes!

If you have any family heirlooms that are no longer perfect bring them along and you can find a way to make them into something you are once again proud to display. You can make spectacular pressies and never have to sneakily peel off those “Made in China” stickers again.

If you don’t have any items to Re-Psycho some will be available to buy at the class.

Anna Smallwood - Roaming Yogis

Anna was first introduced to yoga in 1998 as part of her intensive training as Professional Contemporary Dancer. She completed a Bachelor of Dance at the Victorian College of The Arts and always maintained her yoga practice while working as a dancer. Anna immediately fell in love with Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow practices, as they promote freedom through movement, yet unlike dance are driven by the breath.

Anna completed her yoga teacher training at Brahmani Yoga in Goa, India, with Julie Martin, in 2005. She has since returned to India many times to both teach at Brahmani Yoga and to deepen her own yoga practice.
Anna also teaches internationally on Brahmani Yoga and Shakti Spirit, Yoga Alliance teacher training programs in Bali and Goa. She often leads retreats in India, Bali and Australia.

Today, Anna’s classes are inspired by her love of dance, movement and music, as well as the joy of tapping into moments of stillness and spaciousness, and really listening to what arises from within that space.
Anna is forever grateful for the teachings of Julie Martin, Emil Wendel, Clive Sheridan, and Rachel Hull, who have illuminated her Sadhana with their teachings. She enjoys sharing her understanding and deep love for yoga 
with others and witnessing the transformation it brings to her students.

Anna is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance (ERYT 500) and holds a   Level 2 teacher certification with Yoga Australia. Her favourite pose is the cosmic egg.

Lyn Elliott - Real Woman vs Super Woman

I have always had a passion for helping people and coaching. Being a Life coach is my purpose.

From a very young age, I have helped people in different capacities from training young athletes in their chosen sports, coaching and mentoring them to improve their performance, being a life guard, training and assessing employees in different workplace situations.

I then developed a passion for the medical field and trained students as well as mentoring and coaching other trainers for over 14 years–volunteering as an emergency first aider at events.

The passion was so strong to help others in need that I trained to become a qualified paramedic helping the sick and injured for 10 years. I absolutely loved this; however, I felt a strong desire to be proactive and help people Before the problem became too debilitating rather than being reactive and trying to deal with the problem after it had reached a critical point in their lives.

I strongly believe that we can improve our health and increase our happiness by changing the way we think. Our beliefs, thoughts and feelings manifest in our physical bodies – I was a testimony to that.

Monoprinting Workshop
2nd December 2018
Workshop Tickets $165
Early bird tickets $145 till October 31st